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Newcomers Welcome!

The Zoom meetings are: Monday 5:45pm, Tuesday and Saturday 9:30am.

Call 574-400-5112 for password and further information.

Alateen is Wednesday 7:30 pm, St. Paul's Methodist Church, Elkhart, IN. For further help or information, call 855-571-5565

A new Alateen group for kids 11-18 will be meeting Tuesday nights at 7:15pm at the First United Methodist Church Room L-5, 201 E 3rd St, Mishawaka, IN.

Some meetings will not meet during holidays. Please email us to find out if a specific meeting is cancelled during a holiday.

Please watch this space for further notices.

"When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and let it begin with me."
Newcomers are always welcome at any meeting. However, for those beginners looking for a starting point:
1st Tuesday of every Month at 7:15 pm

Contact Michiana Al-Anon

South Bend, Indiana


Al-Anon is almost as old as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Al-Anon was started by Lois W., wife of AA cofounder Bill W., and Anne B., a close friend of Lois'. In the formative years of AA, the wives and relatives of AA's realized that they too could improve their lives by applying the spiritual principles of AA.


While the AA's were attending their meetings, their loved ones often waited in their cars. Soon they started to come in from the cold and hold their own meetings to discuss their own common problems.

By 1948 a number of these family groups applied to the A.A. General Service Office to be listed in the A.A. Meeting Directory. Because of AA's singleness of purpose, these groups could not be included in the directory.


In 1951, Lois and Anne, created a Clearing House Committee to service 87 inquirers and to coordinate and serve them. Through this effort, 56 groups responded. They chose the name of their groups from the first syllables of "Alcoholics Anonymous" and they adopted the name Al-Anon Family Groups. They adopted the Twelve Steps of AA and later the Twelve Traditions, in the slightly modified form we know today.


Source: 2006-2009 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual

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